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December 2012
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Can I disassemble my Servo Motor?
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Seasons Greetings from your Servo Motor Repair Partner.  

"Thank You!!"
to all for relying on TigerTek to keep your plants running smoothly again in 2012.


Since 1983, TigerTek has REPAIRED:

1 SM Why use TigerTek?

  • Reliability: OEM interfaces to run-test every motor.
  • Speed: Several RUSH priority options.
  • Price: FREE quote before repair (if requested)
  • Convenience: National Reseller Network.

Servo Motor 98"Our guarantee - if you're not satisfied, 
we'll give you your money back"

If you never tried us before, please use Discount Code "VIP2012" 

to get 10% off your first repair.


TigerTek is your best choice for repairing servo, stepper, permanent magnet and spindle motors.



Please keep our number handy for your next repair: (877) 623-1717 (toll free)


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Can you fix my servo motor & what will it cost? 
Our website conveniently details our Capabilities List, with pricing.
So you can quickly analyze whether your best decision is to REPAIR, or REPLACE.
Pricing information is just a click away.
Servo Motor Repairs from Swaziland

Also: Do you know where Swaziland is?
Going back to your high school geography notes, you'll see that it's in Southern Africa. We recently received these 5 servo motors for repair. Plants worldwide routinely rely on our technical expertise.



Motor Rewinding - what is involved? 



When you hear someone say that the motor is grounded, or shorted, or fried, or cooked, or blown up, etc it usually means that the motor will need to be rewound.


Electric motors have copper coils inside the stator housing and we recently documented what it takes to rewind a motor (click for article) 

It's an interesting process.

Ask Darryl
Disassembled SM
Motor (as received) 

"Why is disassembling a servo motor a bad idea?"

A true horror story with a happy ending.


This customer, based in Florida, was machine down, so their maintenance department went ahead and disassembled the motor.  

BUT, servo motors have internal feedback devices and their alignment angles are critically important for proper control interfacing (the servo motor and it's servo controller have to be in sync).

The customer swapped the bearings, but then found that they did not have the necessary equipment nor knowledge to reset the alignment.  

A bad problem had just become worse.


Building Interior  

They rushed the motor to us. We fortunately had the factory alignment data on file; we completed the repairs; the customer flew to North Carolina and hand carried the motor back to their plant. Success!


The morale of the story: don't start turning bolts on a servo motor, or you will lose the alignment data.  

Leave these repairs to the experts.

 Darryl Oakley


When you're "machine down" - you can rely on TigerTek! 

  Darryl Oakley is TigerTek's Vice President of Operations.
  He has over 40 years experience in the industry.

  Send your questions to darryl.oakley@tigertek.com.

Meet TigerTek.  

Building Exterior
We welcome plant tours, but if you can't come and visit,
here's some photo's.

Our 30,000 sq ft repair facility is located in central  

North Carolina - just north of Greensboro.




Building Interior 


Our modern plant is fully equipped with test equipment, an in-house winding department, and machine shop.  

We are UL approved.

Our technicians are industry experts, and many are veterans with extensive military technical training.

We process thousands of repairs each year. LEAN manufacturing principles ensure an efficient work flow.


Servo Motor Blue

We'd appreciate the opportunity to complete your next repair.


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Please contact us for national servo motor repair support, 
or to find your closest local reseller.

Toll Free: (877) 623-1717
2741 NC HWY 135 | Stoneville, NC | 27048
 toll-free phone | fax 336.623.1725 | www.tigertek.com

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