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August 2014
Explosion Proof Motors
Baldor Variable Speed Drives
Ask Darryl:
What is EASA accreditation?
Servo Motor Repairs
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"Explosion Proof" Electric Motor Repairs

Please be Careful.

If you have an explosion proof (EP) motor, it has to be repaired by a UL approved repair center, or it automatically loses its EP rating.


If you don't then:

  • Your employees could get killed
  • It could set your plant on fire.
  • It voids your insurance.
  • OSHA inspectors have been cracking down with significant fines.

Below are the only local repair centers that are approved by UL to repair Explosion Proof motors 



North Carolina
Averitt's Electric Motor Repair
Best Repair Company
Dixie Electro Mechanical Services
Electric Motor & Contracting Co
Electric Motor Shop of Wake Forest
Electric Motor Repair & Sales Co
Electrical Equipment Company
Electrical & Mechanical Resources
Hanover Electric Motors & Supplies
Electrical Equipment Company
Hayes & Lunsford Electric Motor Repair
EMS Industrial Inc
Holland Supply Company
Industrial Apparatus Repair Inc
Jenkins Electric Company
Lloyd Electric Co
Lingle Electric Repair Inc
T&N Electric Motor Exchange Inc
Randall Supply Inc

TigerTek Industrial Services


Baldor Introduces the ACB Variable Speed Drive!

ACB Variable Speed Drives:

Baldor ACB530


Baldor has recently launched their ACB series of VSD's from ˝ thru 150hp. Features and Price can't be beat.

Variable Speed Drives will automate your production process and reduce your electrical bill.

For the engineers out there: The drive is based on the ABB platform (Asea Brown Boveri). ABB is a worldwide leader in VSD's.


A TigerTek Sales Engineer will be happy to review your application and quote the best solution.


TigerTek is a Master Distributor for Baldor Products.  

Included are their entire line of Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives.


 Click Here to Learn More about the ACB Series


Please call for quotes (336 623-1717)
Ask Darryl
What is EASA accreditation?

All repair centers are members of EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association).

EASA accreditation means that your repair center has been audited, and meets the standards necessary to perform repairs.  


Audits look at our test equipment, employee training, and repair procedures. It ensures that your electric motor, or pump repair has been done correctly, and that it will last.

Is your repair vendor accredited?

Darryl Oakley



Darryl Oakley is TigerTek's Executive VP..
He has over 40 years experience in the industry.

Send your questions to darryl.oakley@tigertek.com 


TigerTek exhibits SERVO MOTOR REPAIR capabilities


The 2014 EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) convention was recently held in Boston.  

TigerTek had a booth where we demonstrated our SERVO MOTOR REPAIR capabilities. These motors are complex, and require trained technicians and specialized equipment to repair.


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