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When it comes to repairing Fanuc servo motors & servo systems, TigerTek's reputation for the highest quality workmanship, technical expertise, lightning-fast turnaround time and unparalleled customer service is the result of scores of satisfied companies, including multiple Fortune 500 clients. We're happy to provide technical specifications on multiple Fanuc servo motors and systems. For the mechanically inclined, please browse through the information below discussing servo control systems, programming, and maintenance.

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Servo Control Technology by Fanuc Robotics

Fast, Precise, & Efficient Servo Control

Using Fanuc's state-of-the-art "Smooth command by Nano CNC" technology combined with their high gain HRV control, a nanometer-level of accuracy & precision at high speeds can be maintained. The Auto Following HRV filter suppresses mechanical resonance across multiple frequencies. Additionally, Fanuc systems boast industry-leading rotational accuracy and ultra-smooth servo feed using their high response / high resolution Pulsecoder.

Smooth Rotation of Fanuc Servo Motors

Quick Acceleration & High Response Spindle Control Technology

High-speed DSP and advanced control algorithms ensure a high level of speed and precision during spindle operation. With these and other innovative motor control technologies, spindle systems are managed with a much faster velocity loop sampling time, along with increased controllability of C-axis contouring, more precise fine acceleration and deceleration, and a more accurate synchronization between servo axes.

Efficient & Energy-Saving Industrial Control Solutions

By reducing cycle time and further refining motor acceleration and accuracy, Fanuc servo systems dramatically reduce the consumption of direct and indirect energy. The ?i series utilizes advanced energy saving technologies and is a direct successor to the winner of the 1999 MITI Award for Energy Saving Equipment.

Fanuc Servo Motor Energy Saving Graph

Smart Servo Tuning Software

This proprietary software offers an impressive feature set, including an integrated testing environment, parameter and data measurement & tuning options, and resonance elimination tuning functions. Interfacing from PC to CNC is via a PCMCIA-LAN card, attached directly on the CNC machine's front panel. This powerful and flexible software ensures optimal performance from servo and spindle motor systems.

Fanuc Servo Repair & Tuning Software

Multiple Safety Checks and Monitoring

Fanuc's safety monitoring is second to none, and conforms to the highest European safety standards. Dedicated processors ensure constant monitoring of position, velocity, and other measurements, and include an I/O interface for system redundancy - all accomplished without any compromises on machine speed, efficiency, or operating cost.

Fanuc Servo Systems Operation & Programming Software

Fanuc Servo Motor Software - Powerful & User-Friendly

Our operations software is based around single-screen use, which provides convenience and flexibility. Machining instructions can be selected without moving through multiple menus, including parameter settings for high speed & high precision machining with various machine configurations.

Fanuc Servo Systems Machining Instructions Screen

Machining Preparation & Guidance

Similar to the machining instruction screen, the machining prep function is designed to blend ease-of-use and user control of complex tasks. The operator can set parameters for error, tool offset value, and various measurements and calibrations.

Fanuc Servo Systems Probe calibration  Fanuc Servo Motor Software - Inside diameter measuring

Fanuc Servo Motor Systems - Operations Software & Programming Guidance

All machine operation functions can be controlled using operation-specific programs, including lathe, machining center, compound machine with milling & turning, multi-path lathe, and more. Soft-keys allow easy management of high precision turning and milling tasks, and Fanuc's modeling & animation modules provide realistic and accurate visualizations.

Fanuc Servo Motor Operations software - Lathe Program  Fanuc Servo Motor Operation software - Animation for lathe

Fanuc Servo Motor Maintainability, Diagnosis and Management Tools

Fanuc Servo Motor Repair & Remote Diagnosis

In the event of any technical issues, remote diagnostics can be performed over the internet, directly through a service center. TigerTek also offers real-time repair tracking and detailed failure reports of all servo motors repaired.

Fanuc Servo Repair & Remote Diagnosis


Additional Features on Fanuc Servo / Motor Control Systems:

1. Easy to use touch-screen controls
Fanuc Systems Touch panel controls
2. Memory card access for communication with CNC
Fanuc Systems Memory card
3. Operation and alarm history
Fanuc Servo Systems Alarm history and operation history
4. Maintenance history & ongoing maintenance, including component lifetime estimates
Fanuc Servo Systems Periodical maintenance screen
5. Waveform visualization of servo performance data
(for analysis and adjustment of servo motor settings)
Wave display


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