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October 2009
Machine Shop Capabilities
Ask Darryl:
What's motor efficiency?
End of Year Maintenance
Meet Teke Klipfel

TigerTek - Your LOCAL Source for Industrial Repairs
Items we repairIt's frustrating when plant personnel tell us "We didn't know you could repair that!" 
Please come and take a tour - our 35 technicians and support personnel would love to demonstrate our capabilities to repair electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, servo motors, electronic controls and hydraulic equipment.
Our 30,000 sq ft  repair center is located in Stoneville NC (just north of Greensboro) and it is fully equipped to handle large and small industrial repairs.
With FREE pickup, FREE delivery, FREE quotes and 24/365 service, TigerTek offers the complete repair package. 
Please check us out at www.tigertek.com, or call us (336 623-1717) and we will send a salesman to answer any questions.
Machine Shop Capabilities
CNC MillOn a recent Friday afternoon, we got an emergency call to machine a large number of parts for a local plant. The parts were needed early the following week so that they could start up a new production line.  4 of our machinists worked through the weekend and we met their schedule.
TigerTek is the perfect choice for high precision parts and we're happy to quote large, or small production quantities.
We have the necessary lathes and mills to provide fast turn-around-times, and cost-saving prices.
Please give us a call and we'll send a salesman over to quote your requirements. Call 336.623.1717.
Ask Darryl
What is motor efficiency & why is it so important?

Darryl OakleyIn layman terms you can think of efficiency as how much energy is lost inside the motor as power is converted from the electricity going in on the input side, to the motor generating mechanical work on it's output side. So if a motor is 95% efficient, you've lost about 5% of your available energy, primarily to heat loss. If your plant has inefficient motors, you are wasting a ton of money! For example: A 100HP motor, running continuously, will cost you an extra $430/year for every 1% of efficiency loss! In fact, the US Government recognized this waste and passed their EPACT legislation (Energy Policy Act 1992) to require that all new motors meet minimum efficiency standards.
But what about repaired motors?
800hp MotorIn a nutshell, if you repair the motor using proper equipment and procedures, you will see NO efficiency loss. This includes proper burn-out procedures, core-loss testing the stator, and using quality copper wire and insulation materials.
If you are using a motor repair shop that is not properly equipped, or if they do fast burn-outs, then you might be saving a few dollars on the initial repair, but you are losing your shirt with higher energy costs!
These findings are documented in an EASA/AEMT rewind study - please let me know if you would like to receive a copy.

Darryl Oakley is TigerTek's Vice President of Operations. He has over 30 years experience in the industry.

Send your questions to darryl.oakley@tigertek.com.
End of Year Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
Many companies use the holidays to schedule preventive maintenance and special projects that they can't do during regular production cycles.
TigerTek is ready to help - we can bring a ton of expertise and capabilities to ensure that your plant is ready to reopen on time.
Give us a call early to get on our schedule.

Meet TigerTek: Teke Klipfel (VP Sales) gets married
Teke & Dionne 
Teke Klipfel married Dionne in August 2009. The ceremony was performed on a beautiful summers evening.
Teke has been in the repair industry since 2000 and prior to that he was involved with power transmission sales (motors, gearboxes, electronic controls, etc). Teke, and his 3 salesmen (John Mitchell, Mack McGuire and Greg Steele), are available to help you with any of your repair needs.

Contact Teke at teke.klipfel@tigertek.com 
2741 NC HWY 135 | Stoneville, NC | 27048
 phone 336.623.1717 | fax 336.623.1725 | www.tigertek.com

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