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October 2010
DC Motor Repair
Impeller Coatings
Ask Darryl:
How much shaft run-out is acceptable?
Meet TigerTek: Jay & Frankie
Greetings!  Motor Premium Efficient

Electric Motor Rebates from Duke Energy!

TigerTek Industrial Services has been selected as a Duke Energy Rebate Center for sales of premium efficient electric motors, and variable speed drives in central NC and southern VA.

This entitles us to provide significant cash rebates when you purchase these items from TigerTek.


Following are a couple of examples:


Duke Motor Rebate

Duke Drive Rebate










The Variable speed drive rebate is for Process Pump applications only. 


TigerTek handles all the paperwork, and Duke Energy sends the rebate check directly to you.


TigerTek is a master distributor for the following brands of motors and variable speed drives:

Baldor/Reliance, Leeson Electric, US Electric, WorldWide Electric, Teco-Westinghouse, Lincoln Electric, Sew Eurodrive, CEG, Brook Crompton, Lafert.

More info at: www.tigertek.com, or call (336) 623-1717
DC Motor Repair for Marine Corp
DC Motor Marine Corp 
TigerTek recently completed this 700HP DC Motor Repair
for the US Marine Corps.
It goes on a large machine, which tests the landing gear
for various military aircraft.


Click for more info, or call (336) 623-1717 
Coating Pump Impellers for Longer Service Life

It's a rough environment for pump impellers! Impeller Coatings


Even if you're pumping fresh water, there's going to be some amounts of grit and debris. Obviously, if you are pumping waste-water, the impeller is going to wear even faster.

TigerTek can coat your impellers with a ceramic, or sprayed coating

to greatly extend the life of your pump.


Give us a call for your next repair (336) 623-1717.
Click for more info
Ask Darryl

"How much motor shaft run-out is acceptable?" Shaft Runout

If the shaft on your electric motor appears to be "wobbling", the shaft may be bent, or the motor bearings may be failing. Place a dial indicator at the tip of the shaft to check the run-out.

NEMA standards allow 0.002" shaft extension run-out for shafts 0.1875' to 1.625"; and 0.003" for shafts over 1.625".

As a good practice, it is suggested to limit shaft runout to no more than 0.002" for shafts rotating above 2500 rpm.

Darryl Oakley

Darryl Oakley is TigerTek's Vice President of Operations. He has over 30 years experience in the industry.

Send your questions to darryl.oakley@tigertek.com 

Meet TigerTek: Jay and Frankie

Jay and FrankieOur SERVO MOTOR REPAIR department continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and we're happy to welcome Jay and Frankie to our team.

Both are electronics experts to correctly set alignment angles, and both have just returned from a week long, specialist training program on repairing servo motors.

Please call (336) 623-1717 or e-mail us to help solve your next REPAIR problem:

2741 NC HWY 135 | Stoneville, NC | 27048
 phone 336.623.1717 | fax 336.623.1725 | www.tigertek.com

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