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February 2011
Electric Motor Repair: AC & DC
Machine Shop & Fab/Welding
Ask Darryl:
Noise in the workplace - what's too much?
Meet TigerTek: Sam (Customer Service)

Nurse CartoonTigerTek is your LOCAL "Industrial Hospital"

If you have "sick" machinery and equipment, please remember TigerTek to quickly "diagnose" the problem and get your plant running again.


We repair electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, servo motors, hydraulic and electronic controls.    (click for more info)

  • Our trucks (ambulances) provide FREE local pickup
  • Our estimators (ER techs) provide FREE repair quotes
  • Our technicians (surgeons) will operate and fix the problem
  • We rapidly deliver the repaired item back to you.


We're just like a hospital!


If you never tried us before, please use Discount Code "VIP2011" to get 10% off your first repair.


Our guarantee - if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.


Please remember TigerTek for your next repair, machine shop project, 

or new electric motor quote.


More info at: www.tigertek.com, or call (336) 623-1717
Electric Motor Repair: AC and DC
200 kw AC motor

  This photo shows a 200KW, 1800 rpm, electric     motor,. It just needed a bearing change, but our   shop is fully equipped to do rewinds, balancing     and any mechanical repairs. 

  Click for more info, or call (336) 623-1717 

Motor Premium Efficient
TigerTek is your
for Electric Motors

We can also quote NEW replacement motors

TigerTek is a master distributor for the following brands of motors:


Baldor/Reliance, Leeson Electric, US Electric, WorldWide Electric, Teco/Westinghouse, Lincoln Electric, Sew Eurodrive, CEG, Brook Crompton, Lafert.



Please give us a call for your next electric motor quote 

(336) 623-1717

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Machine Shop Parts and Fabrication/Welding

Fab/weld part 


We just fabricated this sludge press for a local waste-water plant. 

Work was completed over a weekend to minimize downtime.

We can do big stuff (like this press) or we can machine small, high-precision parts.


Please give us a call. We'll meet with you and provide a quick quote.


336 623-1717

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Ask Darryl

"Noise in the workplace - how much is too much?"  

Noise Pollution

The following is the noise level of some common items:


·        Office Machinery-50 decibels

·        Electric Drill-95 dB

·        Chain Saw-120 dB

·        Jet engine taking off - 140 dB


Numerous studies have shown that daily exposure to noise over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss over time. If you have to shout to be heard by a person standing near you, the noise level is probably above 85 decibels. Hearing protection should be worn for any duration of noise levels at or above 115 decibels.


Darryl Oakley

Darryl Oakley is TigerTek's Vice President of Operations. 
He has over 40 years experience in the industry.

Send your questions to darryl.oakley@tigertek.com 

Meet TigerTek: Sam (Customer Service Dept)

Sam Basconi  

We welcome Sam to our Customer Service Department.

Sam has been in the motor repair industry for over 20 years. He has hands-on shop experience, so he can answer your questions or quote new replacement items. 

Sam enjoys tennis, and going to NASCAR races.


Please remember TigerTek for your next repair!


Please call (336) 623-1717 
or e-mail us to help solve your next REPAIR problem.

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 phone 336.623.1717 | fax 336.623.1725 | www.tigertek.com

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