I wanted to thank you and the TigerTek team for all your efforts this past week-end. The quick response and "round-the-clock" efforts were very much appreciated and proved yet again that TigerTek can be counted on in an emergency. Please extend my sincere appreciation to all involved.  You guys do a Great Job!


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Servo Motor Resources

Servo motor resources, articles & information for stepper & servo motor repair

Servo Repair Information & Electric Motor Resources

  • Servo Motor Overview - What are servo motors, and how do they fit into various manufacturing systems? A brief overview of different functions, types, and systems.
  • Servo Motor Sizing - Servo motor sizing is an energy balancing act. Done properly, it reduces energy costs, purchasing costs, and operating costs. Plus, it enables the design of better motion control systems. Servo motor sizing also provides considerable cost savings while assuring the best system performance, and can dramatically reduce downtime and the need for servo repair services.
  • Servo Motor Compensation - Compensation involves tuning the gain and bandwidth of a servo motor to produce efficient operation and minimal errors.
  • How to Size a Servo Motor - Your servo motor needs to be able to provide the required torque, speed, and accuracy in order for an entire system to perform as designed. The right size servo motor for the job is necessary for getting your system up and running and keeping it that way.
  • How to Check an A/C Servo Motor - You're probably wondering if the A/C servo motor is going bad but you don't want to remove it from the mount to test it. There are a couple of things you could do to check it first.
  • Repairing vs. Replacing Servo Motors - Should you repair or replace a broken servo motor? When a servo goes down, consider these factors when deciding between repairing the motor or buying a new one.
  • 15 Easy Ways To Improve Spindle Motor Performance - The spindle is the heart of the machine and for best performance it must be handled with care and be properly maintained. The following list provides 15 easy checks you can make to improve the performance of the motor & reduce your spindle motor repair costs.
  • Checking for Bad Windings on Spindle Motors - How to check a spindle motor for bad windings using an ohm meter and megaohm meter.
  • Troubleshooting - Servo Systems - Even well-maintained servo motor systems can experience issues during normal operation. From TigerTek's servo repair technicians, here's a list of common issues and potential causes.
  • Troubleshooting - Servo Motors - Even with a strict regimen of upkeep and preventative maintenance, a servo motor failure can (and will) happen during routine operation. Here's a list of common problems & some tips on troubleshooting your servo motor.
  • Servo Motors vs. Stepper Motors - What's the difference? These two motors are similar, but have variations in their design and performance that makes each motor suited to a different kind of application.
  • Motor Control Systems - Open Loop & Closed Loop Systems - Broadly, we can look at control theory as being classified into open loop control or closed loop control. Both share some similar parts, but differ in important ways.
  • Servo Motor Feedback - Absolute & Incremental Encoders - What is the difference between absolute and incremental optical encoders? Depending on the application, one may be better suited than the other.
  • Brushless Servo Motor Operation (.PDF format) - by Luther "Red" Norris
  • Servo Motor Feedback Devices (.PDF format) - by Luther "Red" Norris
  • Servo Repair Tools Needed (.PDF format) - by Luther "Red" Norris
  • Three Starting Methods for Squirrel Cage Motors - The three most common starting methods for squirrel cage motors are PWS (part winding start), WDS (wye-delta start), and electronic soft-start. Each serves approximately the same purpose but is dependent upon the number of contactors provided.
  • Servo Motor Winding - Challenges arise when rewinding a 3-phase AC spindle or servo motor. Here are a few rules that are useful in getting the motor rewound and working correctly the first time to avoid having the motor reject the winding.
  • How To Store An Electric Motor - Here are tips on storing an electric motor for both short-term (weeks or months) and long-term (years).
  • The Differences Between Servo and Stepper Motors - Many are under the misconception that there are vast differences between servo motors and stepper motors. Here, we attempt to dispel the notion and provide a more realistic view.
  • Fanuc ai Series - Fanuc Alpha-i Servo Motors, Spindle Motors, Servo Amplifiers - Fanuc's ai Series, or Alpha-i Series, provides high speed precision and efficiency while conforming to UL/CSA standards for North America. Find out more with our overview of the Fanuc ai Series.
  • Measuring Shaft Runout on Electric Motors - Shaft runout can be the culprit if the shaft on your electric motor appears to be "wobbling". The shaft may be bent, or the motor bearings may be failing.
  • Common Servo Motor Applications - Whether they’re used in industrial manufacturing or in commercial applications, servo motors make our lives better, easier, and in many cases provide us with more affordable products.
  • How Actuators Work - Basic Actuators for Motion Control - In motion control systems, an actuator is a motor (either electric, hydraulic or pneumatic) that generates motion output for a system or mechanism.
  • How to Test a Servo Motor - To test your servo motor, you'll need to disconnect power from the machine before beginning, with your trusty ohm meter or megaohm meter at the ready.
  • 5 Questions to Ask Your Servo Motor Repair Shop - Here are questions to ask your servo motor repair shop to help you avoid delays, unnecessary expenses, and hassles as well as to insure you get skilled, quality repair work the first time.
  • Servo Motor Efficiency - Servo motor efficiency is a critical factor in determining potential cost savings. Although a well-designed motor is energy efficient as is, your application may affect this.
  • History of Servo Motors - While the invention of electrical motors is in the past, the research and development into new technology continues.

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