Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair

Yaskawa Servo Motor RepairYaskawa Rotary Servo Motor Repair

Expert Servo Motor Repair & Service for Yaskawa Rotary Servos

TigerTek is the nation's leading provider of Yaskawa Rotary servo repair. Our technicians have extensive training on Yaskawa's rotary servo line, providing our clients with expert repair and maintenance service, all backed with TigerTek's 1 year warranty - provided with all servo repairs, regardless of the age or condition of the motor. In our fully-equipped laboratory, we extensively load-test every repaired servo before sending it out, complete with a detailed failure report. All of this is provided with industry-leading turnaround time and the utmost in customer service - that's the TigerTek difference!

Below are just a few examples of Yaskawa rotary servo motors repaired by TigerTek. For more information or a free quote, contact us today to speak with a repair specialist today.

Repairs on Yaskawa Sigma-5 Rotary Servo Series

As the newest addition to Yaskawa's line of rotary servos, the Sigma-5 series represents a huge jump forward in technology. Boasting a positioning accuracy of one thousand times the industry standard, the Sigma-5 series delivers high-speed, exact positioning while maintaining vibration-free operation and easy start-up.

With Sigma-5's highly advanced technology, automation lines will benefit from:

  • Shortest cycle time & highest throughput
  • Repairs on Yaskawa Sigma-5 Servo Motor Systems - Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair from TigerTekBetter product quality and less machine wear
  • Shortest initial set-up time
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software - no expert knowledge is required to pinpoint optimal settings
  • Intelligent autotuning function and filter to suppress oscillation and achieve the highest level of control in minutes, across a wide range of inertia ratios
  • Highly flexible machine controller interaction and control interface communication

Thanks to Sigma-5's ground breaking technological advances, the system is ideal for a wide range of automation applications. Including electronics, semiconductor, packaging, printing and machine tools, as well as the metal forming and injection molding industries, where point-to-point positioning accuracy is paramount.

Repairs and Support for All Yaskawa Rotary Servo Motors

Yaskawa's industrial motor division was the first to utilize a segmented stator design. By using individually wound segments, press-fit into the motor body and impregnanted with resin, Yaskawa was able to mass produce a smaller, more efficient motor with improved heat transfer, quality and reliability.

This traditional of innovation and design extends to Yaskawa's entire line of Sigma servo motors. By using high-resolution serial encoder feedback, position information is constantly monitored and controlled, eliminating position error and runaway conditions. The servo amplifier uses this all-digital feedback system to identify and optimize settings to remove electrical noise and correct any position errors.


TigerTek offers extensive repairs, maintenance and service on Yaskawa's entire line of rotary servo motors.
Contact us today for a free quote, or call 1-877-623-1717 today.



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